Green Label PVC Corner Bead - Available

Green Label PVC Corner Bead
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S.A.Y Corner Bead provides a straight and durable protection for your stucco or plaster corners to achieve a quick edge alignment. The profile is set to the edge and fix accordingly in relations to the thickness of the wet plaster. Positive bonding of our product to the surface is accomplished with our designed striation and perforation.

Corner Bead -1
Angle bead - 1

SAY PVC Corner bead is tested under Modified Accelerated Weathering Test  ( Xenon Arc ) by PSB Corpotation. ( Test report – Available )

Why Weathering test?

Very often heat from sun and moisture are the key elements in causing deterioration in PVC Products resulting in cracking or loss of integrity and strength. These Damages from weathering and corrosion can occur both indoor and outdoor. The severity of these damages can range greatly in different climates.

To ensure performance standards , “SAY Brands” PVC Architectural profiles are tested under an Accelerated Weathering Test.