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SAY Floor expansion joint / divider strip are designed to minimize crack to concrete floor due to expansion and contraction. It also used as a divider of two dissimilar materials. SAY Floor expansion joint / divider strip are commonly used in many project in Singapore as well as overseas. Get A Quote!
D Form Tie System SAY D Form Tie system is designed to prevent breakages in formwork and keeping concrete structure in shape. The system is easy to use , fast to assemble or remove and all parts are reusable ( except for inner unit ). Get A Quote! PRODUCT IMAGE
Brick & Plastering mesh are designed to suit different types of application to reinforce masonry application and plastering works to reduce cracking when subjected to various thermal movement and vibration stresses. Applied in area of dissimilar material between junction separating concrete and cement or brick layers. Item  Width Length A B Packaging Wiremesh 65mm 65mm [...]

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